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Man sentenced after admitting spate of thefts in Worcester

Thirty-three year old Stephen POCOCK, a homeless man, living on the street in Worcester has been sent to jail for 51 weeks following a spate of thefts in the last two months across the city.

Stephen POCOCK pleaded guilty to 2 thefts of bicycles from Christopher Whitehead School grounds belonging to 13 year old boys and the theft of another cycle from outside the Heart of Worcester College belonging to a student. He also admitted to stealing 2 bikes and the attempted theft of another from the cycle sheds at Worcester Foregate Street train station and also admitted several thefts from shops in Worcester amounting to approximately £600.

The outcome is the result of partnership working between officers from the City Centre Team from West Mercia Police, officers from British Transport Police and Worcester City BID team.

PC Paul LAMBON from the Worcester City Centre Team said; "I believe POCOCK stole to feed his Heroin addiction and the sentence given reflects the harm his crimes had on the victims and for offending during a previous suspended sentence.

"This is a substantial sentence and shows the courts do not tolerate this sort of prolific behaviour with a clear disregard for how it impacts on the victims. Combining the efforts of Worcester City policing team, British Transport Police and Worcester BID team with members of the retail community generated overwhelming evidence, including a huge amount of CCTV,  that built a very strong case against POCOCK. This man has been living a lifestyle entirely focussed on his Class A drug addiction. This has driven him to offend on a virtual daily basis with no thought of the impact it has had on his victims".

Thirty-one year old Todd BURSTON, another homeless man, was found guilty on 29 November 2018 at Worcester Magistrates Court, of assisting POCOCK with some of these offences. He has received a 6 months deferred sentence.

Published 29/11/18