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Watch out! Scam telephone callers are targeting West Mercia residents

Community information, West Mercia Police areas

  • Incident number: Various incident numbers
  • Date: 29/11/2018
  • Sender: 60268
  • Business area name: Citizens in Policing


Please be aware and remain vigilant, over recent days there has been increase in reports of 'scam telephone calls' being made to Hereford & Worcestershire residents.

Calls have been received from male(s) and at least one female, described as having Asian accents. The fraudsters are purporting to be from the Inland Revenue and tell the victim large amounts of tax are owed due to some tax miscalculation, if the victim does not pay immediately, bank accounts will be frozen and they are about to be arrested. The fraudster states, to avoid this happening, the victim can pay by purchasing 'Google Play' gift cards and give the codes from the gift cards back over the phone. Victims have described the scammers as 'very convincing and persuasive'.

Scammers love gift cards!
It's one of their favourite ways to get your money! These cards are like giving cash. After you buy them, the scammer asks for the code on the back of the card or an image of it. If you provide the code, the scammer can use all the money on the gift card. They'll likely spend it all before you can contact Google or the police.

•If you receive such a call do not engage in conversation - clear the line immediately. Remember NEVER divulge or even confirm personal details, give out bank account numbers or your PIN numbers.

•Report the call immediately to Action Fraud

•Before making any further outgoing calls, ensure the telephone line is indeed cleared from the fraudster, if you still unsure then use another phone if necessary.

Thank you


Citizens in Policing