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Boy Racers

Over the last few months, Southwye Safer Neighbourhood team have been getting complaints about "boyracers" causing issues around the Belmont area.

The complaints have been in relation to their manner of driving, noise from the vehicles whilst parked up in different car parks and also the speed that they are travelling at.

The Safer Neighbour team, along with help from our response colleagues have been busy patrolling the areas that the vehicles are known to go to and have been engaging with the drivers.

We have issued several section 59 warning notices on these vehicles and some have also been seized.

A section 59 warning is part of the Police Reform Act 2002. It warns the offending driver that if they drive or ride a vehicle in the same manner within 12 months of one being issued then the vehicle may be seized - whoever it belongs to.

This applies to vehicles being driven carelessly or without reasonable consideration on roads in a manner likely to cause alarm, distress or annoyance to members of the public. This also includes when the vehicle/driver is causing anti social behaviour, an example of this could be loud music being played from the vehicle in a residential area.

If a vehicle/driver has already had a section 59 warning notice served on them within 12 months of another incident, then the Police have the power to seize the vehicle and the owner of the vehicle has to pay the recovery/storage costs.


A Section 59 also covers any such use of a motor vehicle off-road, such as common land, moorland, bridle paths, footpaths, tracks and fields. An official complaint does not even have to be received by the police for them to enforce the law.

This law applies to vehicles driven carelessly or without reasonable consideration on roads - and that includes car parks and other public areas.


How to stay on the right side of the law


It's easy - just use your vehicle responsibly. Keep your driving safe at all times and don't bow to peer pressure and be tempted to mess about with the vehicle when driving or on car parks.

Section 59 was written in law to stop anti-social use of motor vehicles. Effectively the law is there to stop inappropriate use of vehicles that annoy the public or place people at risk.


It also stops offenders who disrupt the quality of life of others at homes nearby or when conducting their leisure activities (such as horse riding or rambling).

If you use a motor cross bike for off road scrambling - only do it on land with permission of the land owner and always walk or trailer the bike there, don't ride on footpaths or bridle ways.


If you are having problems with any particular vehicles in your area, please note the vehicle registration and what exactly they are doing and report it to 101.

Published 02/12/18