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ASB - Kingstone.


BackgroundThere has been a rise in the reports of ASB in the Kingstone area in particular areas surrounding and including Coldstone Cross and Lowfield Meadow.

These reports also include tresspassing at Kingstone High School site and the nearby Langland Homes building site. 

Numerous people around the village have been targetted with general ASB including, egg throwing, name calling and general nuisance


SNT will increase patrol on the area this will be done by the South Wye SNT as well as the Golden Valley SNT

SNT will engage with the youths where possible and collate names of the offenders.

SNT will also consider enforcement through the ASB Process where appropriate.  


A problem solving plan has been instigated, this was recently discussed at the problem solving seminar chaired by Superintendent THOMAS.

Funding of a CCTV camera was agreed, the installation of which is being progressed.

Officers are continuing to patrol the area and gather evidence.

The key offenders have had joint visits and warnings from Police and the Herefordshire Housing regarding ASB.

Officers are collating evidence for Community Protection notices on the ringleaders.

The youth Inclusion team are visiting the schools in the area and delivering a relevant education program.

The issue will be raised at the January Multi agency coordination and tasking group (MATAC).