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Woman convicted of theft - Worcester

Following a West Mercia Police investigation, a Worcester woman has been convicted of stealing over £34,000.

Jacqueline Cooper, aged 58 of Linden Road, Worcester, appeared at Hereford Crown Court on Monday (3 December) where she pleaded guilty.Jacqueline COOPER Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window
Jacqueline Cooper

Over twenty years ago, Cooper befriended a woman in her eighties and offered to take her shopping and to medical appointments. She was later trusted with a house key and access to her bank card.

In 2014, the victim received a letter from her bank offering an overdraft facility. She could not understand why she would need an overdraft and so took the letter to her daughter for advice.

It was at this point numerous unauthorised transactions on the victim's bank statement were found and the offences were reported to West Mercia Police.

A protracted investigation commenced, and financial analysis showed the estimated money stolen from the victim over an eight to ten year period was £34,400.

Cooper was arrested in 2014 and later charged in 2016.

Detective Sergeant Lesley Fisher, who investigated the case whilst continuing to have contact with the family and supporting the victim, said: "The minute I took this case on, I knew I would do everything I could to establish what had taken place and uncover evidence of offences.

"This could have been anyone's mother or elderly relative, and a result like this makes me very pleased for the family and proud - it is what we earn our money for. "

The case is now adjourned for sentencing on 4 January 2019.

Issued: 10am, Wednesday 5 December, HCB, Corporate Communications

Published 05/12/18