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Worcester licensing and SNT teams pioneer Lowesmoor link

Recently, West Mercia Police's South Worcestershire licensing department and the Cathedral Safer Neighbourhood Team created a scheme in conjunction with the Department of Health, Worcester City Council and licensed premises in Lowesmoor.

The voluntary scheme provides four licensed premises on Lowesmoor with radios, to aid the retailers to work together to reduce the supply of alcohol to intoxicated persons attempting to purchase alcohol in the street.

The scheme aims to support businesses to enable them to work together, as well as to further safeguard vulnerable members of the public and ensure compliance with the licensing objectives.

The radios were funded through the city council's Safer Worcester scheme and is the original innovation of PCSO Dan Kendall-Smith and Sgt Paul Smith.

Sergeant Paul Smith, one of the organisers of the voluntary initiative said: "We visited the licensed shops in Lowesmoor throughout October and November and came up with the idea to provide radios to the licence holders to talk to each other so that when one premises refuses to sell alcohol to an individual the other premises can follow suit.

"We haven't done this before in the city and we are really hoping that this helps the licence holders uphold their licence objectives to:

- prevent crime and disorder,

- promote public safety,

- prevent public nuisance,

- and, protect children"

He continued: "We will continue to be in regular contact with the licence holders and are really pleased to have the support of our partners from Worcester City Council - Safer Worcester and the Department of Health as well as the full support of the licence holders."

Issued: Thursday 6 December, 9.00am, MC, Corporate Communications.

Published 06/12/18