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Reduction of Drug Use and Anti Social Behaviour in Cordwell Park and on the Recreational Ground


The Safer Neighbourhood Team have received a number of reports of anti-social behaviour being conducted on the grounds of Cordwell Park and recreational ground.  People using the area are feeling let down by those participating in drug use and associated behaviour.


The Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) should continue to conduct regular patrols in the  two areas to identify those engaged in any form of anti-social behaviour.

Once identified, the appropriate action should be taken against those involved.

In the case of youth related anti-social behaviour this is likely to include the dispatch of an anti-social behaviour letter.  This is a stepped approach and will also involve working with partner agencies to try and address the behaviour.

In the case of the more serious issue of drug taking, a Police Officer will have to deal with anybody identified. 

With other forms of anti-social behaviour, the action taken by the Police will depend on the nature of the behaviour.



December 2018 - High visibility patrols to identify those involved and to act as a deterrent.