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Party-goers urged to stay safe and in control this weekend

West Mercia Police is reminding party-goers to stay safe and stay in control this weekend.

The weekend before Christmas is often one of the busiest of the year for pubs and clubs, and extra officers - many working longer shifts than normal and on their days off - will be on duty to help keep people safe.

Regular officers will also be supported by volunteers from the Special Constabulary who will be out on patrol along with volunteers from Street Pastors.

Last Friday, Superintendent Tom Harding, was on duty in Telford and Shrewsbury, he will be on patrol again this weekend.

Supt Harding said: "Friday was a busy night and I know this Friday will be even busier and, as we did last weekend, we will have extra officers on duty to help keep those enjoying a night out safe.

"On the whole most people who are enjoying a night out do so in good festive spirits, they're out having a good time and don't cause us any concern. But,  it is always good to take a few steps to make sure your night does go as planned and I would ask people to make sure they have plans to get home and look after their friends. If a friend has had a little bit too much to drink please don't leave them on their own, look after them and if necessary ask us for help."

Supt Harding is also reminding party-goers not to let an argument or disagreement get out of control.

He added: "Situations can quickly escalate when alcohol is involved, what starts as an argument can easily turn into a much more worrying situation and I'd just ask people to aware of the impact alcohol can have on their behaviour. If we see a situation getting out of control, we will not hesitate to intervene and I'm sure most people do not want to wake up in a police cell over Christmas."

For more advice on how to stay safe this Christmas following @SuptHarding and @SuptMoLansdale on twitter.


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Published 19/12/18