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Staff stories - apprentices

Gabrielle Fletcher
Gabrielle Fletcher
Gabrielle, Motor Vehicle Technician Apprentice 

I applied for this job with West Mercia Police with the aim of working to high standards and gaining a high level of qualifications.

My course assessor is extremely pleased with my progress, as I've completed 95% of my coursework, with six months to go until the end of my second year. My work colleagues are very encouraging and supportive with my aspirations and progress. I am happy with my job and enjoy coming to work, to improve my knowledge.

Having this job I hope to gain my qualifications, a vast array of knowledge working with different manufacturers and the experience to possibly run my own vehicle workshops in the future.

Mia Bewley
Mia Bewley
Mia, Business Support Apprentice

I applied for this apprenticeship because I've always been interested in the police working environment, the structures and how it runs as an organisation. The big organisations that make up the main structure of the society have been a main topic of interest and I wanted to be a part of it. I felt applying for this apprenticeship would give me all round experience and this is the work environment I enjoy being in. Interacting daily with internal and external visitors and learning more about the organisation really suits me well.

The opportunities are massive, I am supported so much and you can have experience in so many different departments and create relationships with so many people. This organisation has so much to offer and I wanted to feel as though I was making a difference. This is the best place for that.

I'm enjoying the learning and work I'm taking on each day. The role is a good way for me to gain confidence and build my skill set, working with my colleagues and training on the systems. It is a real eye opener.

The very best thing about my job is meeting new faces daily, seeing different characters and helping people get the best service when they arrive.

I hope to gain an insight into the structure, aims and values of the organisation as well as developing myself and improving my skills to mould me into a better staff member. This enables me to get a first-hand experience of work and the impact West Mercia Police makes on society as a whole.

Holly Campbell
Holly Campbell
Holly, HR Assistant (former HR Assistant Apprentice)

Before I joined West Mercia Police, I was working full-time as a bar manager in a busy pub/restaurant. I knew this was not a forever job for me, but I gained so much customer service experience, it helped me build up the confidence to begin searching for a serious career. I spent one year at college and found this was not for me, as I did not feel comfortable spending every day in a classroom. I wanted to learn in a working environment, which is what attracted me to the apprenticeship. I worked towards a recognised qualification, along with having the opportunity to understand the way a business works, and implementing what I learnt during my time at college gaining my Level 3 CIPD Qualification.

As an HR Apprentice, I saw the whole process of recruitment within a large organisation, the stages of this and how our process differs from others. Additionally, I have been able to gain experience of a busy office environment, taking on my own responsibilities and liaising with other departments within the force.

Within my apprenticeship, I had the opportunity to see all aspects of HR, including working with the Recruitment Team and the HR Service Centre. This was a brilliant opportunity, as I established which aspect of HR I prefer and also gained an understanding of the realms of Human Resources. Many opportunities such as these experience sessions arose due to the commitment and helpfulness of the HR Team.

Since beginning employment with West Mercia Police in January 2018, I have successfully completed my HR Apprenticeship, gaining a Level 3 CIPD qualification. I am now employed as a full-time HR Assistant, working within the Police Officer Recruitment Team. This is a new challenge which I am thoroughly enjoying.

My apprenticeship helped me gain the relevant skills and experience to succeed in my current role. I am grateful I chose this path and would recommend the apprenticeship scheme to all.

Amelia Cummins
Amelia Cummins
Amelia, Finance Apprentice

Having had a keen interest in both numbers and people my whole life, I am very interested in a career in the financial sector. Seeing that there was an opportunity available to train at West Mercia Police in this area was amazing, because I instantly knew that the work I'd be doing was going to have a positive impact and really matter to the greater community.

I'm so lucky that there's so much variation in the job roles in finance. Having spent time in many different areas of the finance team, I feel like every day I've learnt something completely new and different that varies from the day before. It's given me an understanding of the business overall, which helps me give context to my now day-to-day work and thoroughly understand how important every role is to ensure that the finance team functions as a whole. I'm really enjoying working for West Mercia Police, because the days are so busy and lively - there's never a day that feels long.

The team is also amazing and I'm really grateful that everyone is so supportive and interested in the apprenticeship scheme and my personal development. I'm confident that if I had a question or needed a hand with anything at all, whether it's work-related or college-related, everyone in my department would be on hand and willing to help me out. It's such a supportive environment and that really makes me want to succeed and excel in both my studies and at work.

The apprenticeship scheme is great because along with your qualifications, you get the experience of real world work and deal with the cases that aren't quite typical 'textbook' circumstances. I think the context and deeper understanding that this gives me is equally as valuable as my classroom studies, as I feel like it will prepare me really well for going into a job in finance. I've learnt so much already and I'm really excited to continue this and come away from the experience with a wealth of knowledge that I didn't previously have. I'm eager to continue onto studying the next level of my AAT qualification next year and I know that the experience I'm gaining in the office will continue to give me a solid foundation to give context and understanding to my studies.

Harry, Paralegal Assistant Apprentice

I believe experience in law is the most important part to progressing into the profession and seeing the opportunity to develop my knowledge and experience in a workplace such as West Mercia was a chance that I couldn't allow to pass up. It was also because I consider the police to be the perfect place to fully gain a grasp on the judicial system in progress as you are able to see the system as it actually happens and contribute to that system.

My initial feelings were a mixture of excitement and nervousness, as I had never worked in an office environment before, but the team were very warm and welcoming to me. I was eager to get to work and understand the structures of files, the process of handling cases and preparing documents for court, which I was able to learn thanks to the colleagues that were welcome to teach me and introduce me to the system.

I hope to gain the valued and necessary experience in law to fully understand the system from within. Being able to contribute to the system in progress is such an important thing for me, as I have always been eager to be a part of the police, and by being able to help the system work I am fulfilling my ambitions. This experience is proving to be a fantastic opportunity for me and I hope to be able to gain the right qualifications to pursue a further career in the police force.

Rhys, Technical Support Apprentice

I have always been interested in ICT from a young age and my sights have been set on a career within ICT, either as a 'techy' or a business surrounded role. I applied for an apprenticeship having done one prior to joining West Mercia Police. I applied to join the police with influence from a family policing background, and I have always had an interest in working towards bettering the community we live in.

It is going very well so far and I have enjoyed getting involved in the thick of the change environment surrounding ICT and the ICT backbone to policing. I am looking forward to working alongside my team at West Mercia and seeing where this step takes me in my career.

Apprenticeships are, in my personal opinion, the best way for young people to enter the working world whilst gaining the same level of qualifications that of universities and sixth forms. I would say that if you want to earn a salary and pursue a specific career path, or simply to gain workplace experience, definitely consider an apprenticeship.