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Anti-social behaviour outside Brookside Community Centre


We have received complaints from local residents about youths damaging vehicle, smashing windows and being abusive to local residents.

The youths are climbing on the roof of the local community centre and riding around on stolen tri-cycles. Not only is this an offence but they are putting themselves in danger of falling through or off the roof.

Residents are complain about damage to their houses including smashed windows and damage to gas boxes.

Finally we have issues with noise nuisance including some youths riding bikes around the centre.  


We have asked the Telford and Wrekin council to upgrade the CCTV in the area to help identify the culprits

We as your Safer Neighbourhood Team strive to ensure that everyone who visits the centre can do so without feeling intimidated or concerned by anyone's actions.

When the culprits are identified we will be informing their parents what their children are up to and trust they will take the relevant actions to contain their behaviour. 


The following actions will be taken to deal with this:

1. Regular patrols around hot spot areas

2. Working with our partners to deal with the issues using a problem solving approach.

3. Engage with the community through use of our weekly surgeries and use of Mobile Police Station.

4. Deal with offences proportionately

5. Consider injunctive actions against the most persistent offenders.

6. Putting measures in place to deter future anti-social issues.