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Minutes from PACT meeting

We attended a Police and Communities together meeting on 22/01/2019. This is recorded minutes from that meeting.

Minutes of PACT Meeting 22 January 2019

Held at St Peter's Baptist Church at 7.00PM


Steve Mackay (Chair) County Cllr. St Peter's
Mike Johnson City Cllr. St Peter's
Louis Stephen City Cllr. Battenhall
Alan Tidy St Peter's Parish Council
PC Louise Steele Police Constable
PCSO Sarah Hughes
Ann Nicholls Safer Worcester
Peter McMillan (Editor St Peter's Voice and Resident)
E. Morris; R. Morris; C. Jones; J. Turner; A. Cavendish; B.Berry; S. Birch; D. Strangeways; J. Strangeways;

Mr & Mrs Wicks

The meeting opened following the Agenda of the previous PACT meeting.

Pc Steele gave an account regarding the instances of recorded Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) within St. Peter's Division (The 2 wards of St. Peter's Parish and Battenhall) between 23 October 2018 and 22 January 2019. The chair thanked the officer for the comprehensive document supplied to attendees with statistics and information.

For St. Peter's Parish
Burglaries: 5 of which 3 related to residences.
Thefts: 17 of which 5 related to shoplifting, 1 being a theft from a vehicle and 7 concerned the theft of fuel from businesses. The remaining 4 related to other matters
Criminal Damage: 9 instances of which 6 involved vehicles.
ASB: 26 instances of which 3 were related to criminal behaviour.
Road Traffic Collisions: 11 in which 3 resulted in an injury.

For Battenhall
Burglaries: 4 of which 3 related to residences.
Thefts: 10 of which 1 related to shoplifting, 4 being a theft from a vehicle and 1 concerned the theft of fuel from a business. The remaining 4 related to other matters.
Criminal Damage: 5 of which only 1 involved a vehicle.
ASB: 9 with only one of those being crime related.
Road Traffic Collisions: 8 of which one resulted in and injury.

A. Nicholls then commented on youth behaviour in St Peter's and how she considered it necessary to have measures in place that will address youth activity in the Spring and Summer months. The matter of the Youth Shelter by the Multi Youth Games Area (MUGA) was discussed and reasons given to explain its removal. It was resolved that A. Nicholls will discuss ideas for youth activities with colleagues and if necessary involve councillors and police.

At the previous meeting Mr & Mrs Wicks raised issues of parking and speed in Timberdine Avenue. Since that time Highways Dept. officers have visited the location and are considering the use of waiting restrictions to assist with the flow of traffic. This is ongoing and Mr & Mrs Wicks have been updated.

In respect of speeding, the Safer Roads Partnership (SRP) obtained data for a week in November. Average speed was discovered to be 25.8mph. Obviously that means some drivers going faster. Talks with (SRP) will continue to discover ways to combat this problem.

Other Matters

  • St. Dunstan's Crescent - Issues concerning future 2 day road closure. (S. Mackay to update S. Birch)
  • London Road - Cycling on the pavement. Pc Steele to add to Briefing for officers to be advised of how publicised enforcement may assist.
  • The Battenhall Park play area within St Peter's - Now subject to upgrade by having new equipment and fencing.
  • Signage to the footway by the Ketch area - Inspection to be arranged by the Parish Council to ensure continued access is possible (subject to upgrade work).
  • An explanation concerning the building of the new foot bridge across Broomhall Way prior to the development was given to a resident concerned about its usage.
  • A resident raised concerns regarding parked cars on the Bath Road by the private hospital. These cars block the way of other vehicles, particularly buses and cause congestion. It was explained that within the plan to reduce congestion for Worcester, waiting restrictions will eventually be enforced there.
  • A resident explained how he considered that the 'speed bumps' Sebright Avenue were too high and asked whether they were at a correct height. Assurance given that the Highways Dept. will be asked to check.
  • A resident suggested that the litter being left (fly-tipped) by the Ketch Viewpoint was particularly bad. It was explained how the viewpoint will be subject to a refurbishment at the time of the new dualling of the carriageway. The Highways Department will be advised of the necessity to consider lighting and measures to lessen the problem.

The next meeting will take place at 7.00pm at the St. Peter's Baptist Church on Tuesday 2 April 2019.











Published 24/01/19