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House and car alarms

Who should I contact when a house or car alarm goes off?

If a house or car alarm is going off and you see or hear anything suspicious please call the police on 999 or the alternative emergency number 112; for the deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired call 18000 to use Next Generation Text Service; or use emergencySMS.

If the alarm appears to be a false activation, and not someone attempting to steal or break into a vehicle or burgle a property, then first it would be advisable to speak to your neighbour about the problem, as they may not be aware what is happening. The national police policy is not to attend as we do not have any powers to enter a property or vehicle to turn off an alarm. Use the links below to contact your local Environmental Protection department who have powers to deal with noise nuisance.

Herefordshire Council - Report noise complaints

Shropshire Council - Report noise complaints

Telford and Wrekin Council - Report noise complaints

Worcestershire Regulatory Services - Report noise complaints