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PCC Pledges to Drive Improvements with Policing Budget

PCC Updates, West Mercia Police

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  • Date: 29/01/2019
  • Sender: 60268
  • Business area name: Citizens in Policing

PCC Pledges to Drive Improvements with Policing Budget

John Campion is promising to ensure policing improvements are delivered in communities across West Mercia, as plans are confirmed to increase local budgets by £13m.

75% of people supported the Commissioner's proposals in a recent consultation, which would see an extra 115 officers recruited in West Mercia and take the force to its highest officer numbers since 2012. That uplift would cost the average home an extra £1.60 per month in council tax.

A series of measures are in the budget to ensure communities get the best return on that investment. Key improvements have been agreed with the Chief Constable around things such as emergency response times, police community visibility and unresourced incidents.
John Campion said: "Our communities have been clear that they support our police and want to see more officers tackling crime and keeping us safe. I have listened to that feedback and my budget delivers the resources the Chief Constable has told me he needs."

"The public are trusting more of their hard earned money to me with a justified expectation that it will be used wisely and services will improve. I will work tirelessly to make sure they get best value and return for that investment."

"This will not be a case of simply pouring more money into the force and hoping for the best. I have agreed some challenging targets with the Chief Constable and will follow those up in the months ahead to make sure our communities are getting the service they need and deserve."
The Commissioner's final budget proposals also include more money for tackling rural crime, CCTV schemes, road safety, and effective schemes to prevent crime in our communities.

West Mercia's Police and Crime Panel will scrutinise the plans next month.

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