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Security marking your property can help discourage thieves

Security marking your property can help discourage thieves as it makes the items hard to sell on. It also helps the police return the items to you if they are stolen or lost and later found. Property mark items with your postcode and house number or your name.


There are a number of ways you can do this. Permanent marking by using an engraving tool and a stencil. Invisible marking by using an ultraviolet (UV) pen to write your details. When the ink is dry it is almost invisible to the human eye but shows up under a special light.

UV pen markings tend to fade over time so its best to re-apply every six months.

Forensic marking is a method which uses DNA technology to mark property with a code which is unique to the owner.

Photographs items such as jewellery and antiques that are not suitable for marking. In these cases, it is a good idea to take photos of such items and keep them in a safe place with a record of any serial numbers or markings and a description.

Register your valuables once you have security marked them, register your property for free on Immobilise, the national property register It only takes a couple of minutes and it increases your chances of getting your valuables back if they are lost or stolen.

For further crime prevention or property marking advice, visit


Published by PCSO Taylor

Published 09/02/19