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Clamp down on industrial units used in cannabis growths in Redditch

An approximate street value of over £1 million pounds of cannabis has been taken off the streets of Redditch since the start of 2019.

Redditch police have been clamping down on cannabis production sites and dealing in Redditch since the start of the year, after an increase in commercial scale productions were found in industrial units.

In January, two large warrants within industrial units were executed the first on the 16 January, in which a substantial amount of cannabis plants were located. Over 800 plants and over 250 root balls, which would have resulted in a very high street value were seized.

The second warrant of the month took place on 31 January where in excess of 100 cannabis plants were seized.  Momentum continued into February with officers stopping a vehicle that was leaving the Redditch area with a substantial quantity of cannabis that had an approximate street value in excess of £100,000 on 16 February.  The two occupants of the vehicle were arrested in relation to commercial cannabis production, they remain under investigation.

Mike Morton Field intelligence officer said: "We have conducted numerous warrants at industrial units throughout North Worcestershire so far this year under our Protect campaign that aims to eradicate serious organised crime from our streets.

"I want to urge anyone in the community that suspects drug dealing or cultivation in industrial units or in houses in their area to report their suspicions to us on 101 or anonymously via crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

"We take all reports seriously and act on all intelligence from the community."

Issued: 10:30am, Tuesday 26 February, MC, Corporate Communications

Published 26/02/19