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Reports have been made to the Police regarding anti-social behaviour taking place in a number of areas of Broseley.

There have been a number of reports of anti-social behaviour taking place in Dark Lane, Foresters Road and Foundry Lane, Broseley.


The Safer Neighbourhood Team have been informed of anti-social behaviour in the alley that runs between Church Street/High Street and Dark Lane, Foundry Lane and Foresters Road, Broseley.  This behaviour has ranged from "knock door run" activity, criminal damage of a fence and other actions that have caused alarm and distress to members of the public.

From checking social media Facebook Pages for the Broseley area it is apparent that some anti-social behaviour is not being reported to the Police.

There has been no witness information that has allowed the identification of any of the youths involved in this anti-social behaviour.



The Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) should continue to conduct regular patrols in the area to identify those engaged in any form of anti-social behaviour in the area.

The SNT should encourage members of the public to report their concerns regarding anti-social behaviour through the 101 non-emergency telephone number.  While Officers will not always be available to be deployed to these reports, it will make sure that SNT Officers are aware of the location and type of anti-social behaviour taking place.

Once identified, the appropriate action should be taken against those involved.

In the case of youth related anti-social behaviour this is likely to include the dispatch of an anti-social behaviour letter from the Police Anti Social Behaviour Team based at Shrewsbury.  This is a stepped approach and will also involve working with partner agencies to try and address the behaviour.

There are a range of powers available to the Police and partner agencies to tackle anti-social behaviour and these will be used if the low level approach outlined above is not successful in deterring such behaviour.

If the anti-social behaviour crosses the line and becomes a criminal offence, such as criminal damage, the appropriate Police action will be taken against any identified offenders.




03 March 2019.  During late January and February 2019, there have been a series of incidents in the area of Broseley involving an as yet unidentified group of youths.  The incidents include the following:

26 February 2019.  Cars and a house on Foresters Road, Broseley, have been targeted on at least four occasions by eggs being thrown at them.  While no one has witnessed this behaviour, it is thought likely that youths are involved.  Patrols on foot and in marked Police vehicles have been conducted in the area and linked roads.

25 February 2019.  After finishing work a lone female went to the car park on the Library Car Park and was intimidated by a group of youths.  Officers patrolled the area after the incident but the youths had departed prior to their arrival.  The female has been spoken to by an Officer from the Safer Neighbourhood Team.  Unfortunately she was unable to identify any of those involved.  A press article regarding this incident has been released and the victim has also publicised it in Broseley by putting a thread on one of the Broseley Facebook pages.  Broseley Town Council are also aware of the incident and are considering if there are any action that the Council can take to assist.

23 February 2019.  There have been four reports of anti-social behaviour taking place in the alley that runs between Church Street/High Street and Dark Lane.  This behaviour has included knocking on doors and windows of the Pritchard House flats and damage to the fence alongside the alley. The Safer Neighbourhood Team have contacted STAR Housing to ensure they are aware of the issues in the area.  A press article regarding this incident has been released and the victims have also publicised it in Broseley by putting a thread on one of the Broseley Facebook pages. 

23 February 2019.  A group of youths have been engaging in anti-social behaviour in the Car Park and by the Public Toilets on Dark Lane.  The behaviour reported to the Police has been of youths kicking an unidentified item around the car park after 10pm and throwing unidentified items at passing cars in the early evening.  There has been further reporting of other activity on social media, including the removal of toilet paper from the toilet and the repeated slamming of the toilet door, but this has not been formally reported to the Police.  The Town Council are aware of this series of incidents and Safer Neighbourhood Team Officers have conducted patrols in the area.

22 February 2019.  There have been three reports of "knock door run" activity in the area of Foundry Lane this month.  The victims have been visited by the Police and also by staff from STAR Housing.  Patrols are being conducted in the area.

Broseley Town Council has been discussing the installation of CCTV for the town, they are actively looking at purchasing a suitable system for the requirements of the town. If purchased and installed, this may help deter or identify those involved in the ASB. Currently, there is no Council CCTV and very little privately owned CCTV that can assist in identifying those involved in ASB.

04 April 2019.  Following an incident of criminal damage at a property on the Ironbridge Road, Broseley, a number of youths have been identified as being in the group involved in the activity.  They will all be dealt with appropriately and in accordance with the wishes of the victim of the offence.

06 April 2019.  Safer Neighbourhood Team Officers have been working with partner agencies to identify a number of youths who have been reported to either the Police or partner agencies for their part in the recent anti-social behaviour that has been taking place in Broseley.  Once identification has been made, Level 1 Anti-Social Behaviour letters will be sent to the parents of all of the youths.  Should the anti-social behaviour of any of the youths continue to be reported, there are further formal interventions that can be used and also a number of other approaches that partner agencies can make. 

27 April 2019.  Anti-social behaviour Level 1 letters have been sent to four parents whose children have been identified as involved in anti-social behaviour in the town.

28 May 2019.  There have been two further reports of youth related anti-social behaviour in Broseley and an additional incident that has not been reported to the Police but has been highlighted on a Broseley Facebook page.  In all of these incidents there was insufficient detail to allow for the positive identification of the youths involved.

25 June 2019.  There has been a single report of youths behaving in an anti-social manner on the Birchmeadow playing fields.  Officers are aware of the usual areas in Broseley where there have been previous reports of anti-social behaviour and continue to patrol them. 

23 July 2019.  Recent reports suggest that the youths responsible for the anti-social behaviour have started to attend the area of the Haycop Nature Reserve off Dark Lane.  Safer Neighbourhood Team Officers are aware of the issue and have been patrolling the area of concern.