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Statement from mother of Worcester acid attack victim

Please find below a statement from the mother of the acid attack victim:

"On the awful day that my youngest child was attacked with acid I had no idea I was being followed. He came running over to me screaming and grabbing his arm, I could see there was an injury but didn't know how it had been caused. I became hysterical. I noticed that red marks then started to develop like a snake up his arm and then reddening to his forehead.

"I called 999 and shop staff helped me, I am so grateful to the actions of these people, as I was later informed that their actions had prevented longer term injury to my son.

"Honestly, it never crossed my mind that it would be acid, when the police told me I was absolutely devastated, I couldn't sleep for weeks and I have repeat nightmares about what happened that day.

"It shocks me to think that people could be involved with doing this to a defenceless child and I'm glad that they have been brought to justice and will be punished for what they have done. I hope nobody ever has to go through what we have experienced.

"It has been extremely hard to accept that my three-year-old child has been attacked in such a way and that his father was behind this. How could he pay for someone to attack our child with acid? How will I explain this to my son? I don't think I will ever forgive any of those involved for what they have put my family through.

"I am indebted to all the police who worked on my case. Every officer involved has been helpful and supportive, from the officers who stayed with me and my son in the hospital through the night, to those who have worked hard on the investigation including those I have not even met, their help has been priceless.

"I am also very thankful to all the staff at Birmingham Queen Elizabeth's Hospital who worked tirelessly to treat him and make him comfortable throughout his painful ordeal, this extends to all of the medical staff who have helped care for my son.

"I hope this case and sentence makes people consider the consequences before even thinking about acting in such a monstrous way, it is a family's life that has been ruined and a young boy that has been scarred for life. My children continue to try and come to terms with the events on that day.

"I would like to take the opportunity to reach out to anyone experiencing any form of abuse, to talk to someone. These incidents happen within many communities and I want people to understand that you don't have to suffer alone. 

"There are people who can help and support you and I would encourage you to end the cycle of abuse for you and your family.

"I am happy to say my son is ok, he is a happy child, but he will be scarred for life and will need continual support as a result of this incident.  Following today's verdicts, myself and my family now want to move forward with our lives."

Issued: 5pm, Wednesday 6 March, Laura Maltby, Corporate Communications

Notes to editors:

Please note the mother of the acid attack victim will NOT be doing interviews.


Published 06/03/19