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Ludlow man granted CBO for shop lifting offences

A Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) has been issued to a Ludlow man following persistent anti-social behaviour offences.


Ralph Arundale, 38, of Ludlow, has received the order at Shropshire Magistrates' Court on 06/03/2019

The order will last for one year and states that he must not:

1: Enter Tesco or Spar Stores in Ludlow

2: Must not enter Joules, Fatface, Crew Clothing, WHSmiths, Black Boar, Whitestuff, Co-op, One Stop stores

3: To attend and remain for the duration of a drugs assessment/rehabilitation at Shropshire recovery or at a location determined by the courts

If he breaches this order, he shall be arrested


Published 15/03/19