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Sheds and Cars broken into Aggborough

Vehicle crime, College Road and Hoo Road area

  • Incident number: 0118S 210319
  • Date: 22/03/2019
  • Sender: PCSO 6239 Easthope
  • Business area name: Greenhill SNT

There have been 3 incidents reported all within close proximity across the 21st and 22nd March in this area

Overnight of the 21st between 1800-0700hrs, someone has stolen from a parked black Volvo on College Road, taking contents from the boot of the vehicle - car may have been unlocked and no signs of forced entry. Incident number 0118S 210319 refers.

The following evening of the 22nd, 2 incident came in Further down Hoo Road and Ludlow Road - one report was a shed break to 2 neighbouring properties around 0321hrs in the morning. Gate was physically broken to force entry. A red and black handled axe and cleaning products were amongst the contents stolen. Torch light seen on the grounds of Kidderminster Harriers possibly thought to be connected to this.

Additionally, intruders were witnessed in a garden on Ludlow Road around 2 hours after the incidents on Hoo Road at 05:21hrs, at the rear of the garden, taking scrap piping from the garden feeding it over a fence. Thought to be at least 2 males involved, however no desciptions of suspects.