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Crime prevention measures to target car key burglars

West Mercia Police is urging local residents to help target car key burglars in Telford by taking crime prevention measures.

In the past month there have been four burglaries in the area where burglars have broken into someone's home with the sole purpose of stealing the car keys.

The thieves have then taken the car from the driveway with the majority of the burglaries taking place overnight.

To help combat the thefts detectives are advising local residents of the steps they can take to deter burglars.

Detective Sergeant Deb Bentley is from Telford's Proactive CID team and says any crime prevention steps people can take helps to put off a burglar.

She said: "Essentially, making a home unattractive to burglars by having obvious crime prevention measures can help make a real difference on whether or not it is targeted.

"There are some very simple measures people can take, particularly now the clocks have gone forward and we start to enjoy lighter evenings. Making sure front and back doors are locked, even when they're in the house and particularly overnight, and not leaving car keys near open windows or on clear display can all help.

"It is always good practice to hide car keys out of view, hide them away in a drawer or cupboard, anywhere they aren't easily visible can help prevent the home from being targeted.

Police also say outside lighting, burglar alarms and CCTV all make a house difficult for a burglar and make it less likely to be targeted by thieves.

DS Bentley added: "If you have a garage try and use it to keep the car in and make sure that it also has adequate security."

The advice comes as West Mercia Police continues to tackle serious acquisitive crime which includes crimes such as burglary and theft as part of We Don't Buy Crime.

To report concerns around burglary or thefts to police, or any suspicious activity, contact West Mercia Police on 101 . Always ring 999 in an emergency and if a crime is taking place.

Alternatively information can be reported to the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

ISSUED: 10am 040419 EH

Published 04/04/19