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Vehicle crime

With temperatures set to soar over the week leading up to the Easter Bank Holiday weekend we can expect the usual high volume of traffic. Expect car parks to local attractions to fill up quickly. Please don't be in a rush to 'lock up and leave' your vehicle, this can give opportunistic thieves an easy target.

Car crime

Most vehicle crime is preventable. It can take as little as 10 seconds for a thief to steal something from your car. The best way to protect your belongings is to lock your car whenever you leave it. Other things you can do include:

  • Removing everything from the car; don't even leave a jacket where it can be seen
  • Fit an alarm if you car doesn't have one, or use a steering lock
  • Fit a tracking device to your vehicle (and ensure you know how to activate it)
  • Etch the vehicles registration number or vehicle identification number (VIN) on each window
  • Closing the sunroof along with the windows when you leave
  • Not storing things in the boot; take them with you
  • Storing car ownership information in your home, not your car
  • Having a routine to ensure you always take the keys out of the ignition
  • Taking removable stereos and sat nav equipment with you
  • In addition, using secure (theft resistant) number plates can make your plates less attractive to thieves

Where you park can make a big difference to the safety of your car and your belongings. Look out for car parks approved by the police Safer Parking (opens in a new window) scheme. You can find them by looking for their distinctive 'Park Mark' signs.

Published 17/04/19