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Safer Roads - On the 17th of April 2019, Police seized a motorcycle that had not had tax paid on it since 2013.

A Yamaha YBR 125 with no tax have been seized by Police on the 17th of April 2019.

2019 04 17 Seized MC

Safer Roads - Officers from the Safer Neighbourhood Team have been passed information that an untaxed motorcycle was being regularly ridden illegally in the Bridgnorth area.  On the morning of Wednesday the 17th of April 2019, Officers conducted a patrol in the area and located the motorcycle, a Yamaha YBR 125, on Cann Hall Drive, Bridgnorth, where it was parked on the road.

The checks conducted on the motorcycle identified that the tax had expired in August 2013, over five years ago.  One of our partner agencies was contacted to arrange the recovery of the motorcycle to make the roads a safer place.  It was removed by the recovery agent just after midday.

At just before 4pm on the same day, a call was made to the Police by the owner of the motorcycle to report that it had been stolen.  They were informed that the vehicle had not been stolen, it had been seized by the Police because no tax had been paid on the vehicle for over five years.  If the owner wants their vehicle back, they will have to prove that they have insurance and valid tax for it, they will also have to pay at least £150 to the recovery company.

If you believe that a vehicle does not have tax, you can use this link to check on the DVLA website, you can also use the link to report vehicles without tax direct to the DVLA.

You can also report untaxed or uninsured vehicles to the Police on 101.  The Police have the power to seize untaxed vehicles in certain circumstances and will do so to help keep our roads as safe as we can.

If you believe that a vehicle is being driven illegally, please contact the Police on 101 with full details of the vehicle and, if possible, the identity of the owner/driver.

You can email the Safer Neighbourhood Team at  , but be aware that this email address should not be used to report an incident that requires an urgent Police answer as it is not monitored 24 hours a day.

Please follow us on Twitter:  @BridgnorthCops for updates to this story and others for the area.



Published 18/04/19