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Celebrating National Specials' Weekend

This weekend (31 May - 2 June) sees West Mercia Police Special Constables on duty during National Specials' Weekend, protecting people from harm, promoting the work of the Special Constabulary in local communities and encouraging people to volunteer as Special Constables.

Specials Constables are volunteers who commit a minimum of 16 hours a month and play a key role in local policing. They have the same powers in law as regular police officers, including the power of arrest.

West Mercia Police currently has 164 Special Constables that contributed an astonishing 52,909 hours of volunteering between April 2018 and March 2019. They come from all walks of life and all have different motivations for volunteering, with many fitting their volunteering duties around busy day jobs.

National Specials' Weekend forms part of National Volunteers' Week 2019, and this ensures that volunteering in a policing context forms part of the wider, national focus on volunteering opportunities.

During National Specials' Weekend, West Mercia Police Special Constables will be carrying out policing activities relevant to local needs, supporting community and neighbourhood issues. These will include:

  • Carrying out licensing checks at public houses in South Worcestershire and Telford
  • Policing 'Ladies Day' at Worcester Races
  • Undertaking rural crime patrols in Herefordshire
  • Conducting traffic stops in North Worcestershire in connection with suspected traffic offences such as drink or drug driving

Other areas will see Special Constables assisting local Safer Neighbourhood Teams with high visibility patrols and dealing with any antisocial behaviour, disorder and/or alcohol and drug related offences that arise out of the night-time economy.

Citizens in Policing Lead, Chief Superintendent Kevin Purcell from West Mercia Police, said: "National Specials' Weekend is an occasion to highlight the work and achievements of our Special Constables, who play an important role within West Mercia Police, working with regular officers and police staff to strengthen our links to local communities and make a real difference to peoples' lives.

"In calling on their skills, expertise and time, we seek to support our volunteers and provide them with opportunities to develop so that they can achieve more, both within the police force and in their roles outside of the organisation."

West Mercia Police Special Chief Officer Nick Marlow, said: "Through volunteering with West Mercia Police Special Constabulary, people develop their experience and skills, build their confidence and self-esteem, and establish valued connections with the communities we serve.

"These developments benefit the police force, our communities and our volunteers. National Specials' Weekend provides us with an opportunity to focus on the roles and responsibilities of our Special Constables, their work and achievements, and to encourage more people to volunteer with West Mercia Police."

For more information about West Mercia Police Special Constabulary, visit:

Keep an eye out on the West Mercia Police Facebook and Twitter accounts for updates ( / @WMerciaPolice) and follow #SpecialsWeekend19 for the national narrative.

Posted at: 9.50am, Friday, 31 May, LK, Corporate Communications

Published 31/05/19