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Bogus caller reminder

Police are reminding residents to be on their guard to bogus callers.

Over the weekend a man called at a house in Betnell Grove in Madeley and told the occupant there was a water leak and asked if he could go into the house. The occupant didn't let the man in and closed and locked the door before contacting a neighbour and police.

DC Ian Benjamin said: "This is a familiar tactic distraction burglars use to get into someone's house before distracting them and taking items that are easy to steal, such as a purse or wallet that may be left on the side. The occupant in this instance did absolutely the right thing by closing and locking the door before raising concerns.

"Often these bogus callers can be incredibly convincing and give the occupant no reason to think they are not genuine, sometimes they will pose as officials, such as someone from a utility company or council, or even police to get into the house or they may offer to carry out repair or gardening work, charging an extortionate amount for a shoddy job.

"Any genuine caller will not mind being asked to come back another time while their credentials are checked or the occupant can arrange to have someone else at the property with them. If in any doubt, lock them out.

"Bogus callers often target elderly or vulnerable people and we would ask anyone who does have an elderly or vulnerable relative, neighbour or friend, makes sure they're area of this advice and that not everyone who calls at their door is who they seem."

To report a bogus caller incident to police ring 101.


ISSUED: 10.40am 310519 EH 


Published 31/05/19