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Police crack down on safety for Goods vehicles

West Mercia Police have taken part in a national road safety campaign aimed at cracking down on those drivers and operators of goods vehicles that are not following the correct safety guidance. The campaign, that took place last week, was co-ordinated across the UK by NPCC (the National Police Chiefs Council) with West Mercia Police carrying out visible proactive enforcement to identify unsafe vehicles and take appropriate action to keep the roads safe.

Operators and drivers of goods vehicles have a legal requirement to ensure that their loads are transported and secured safely and do not pose a danger to themselves, other road users or the environment. It's important that loads are packaged properly, loaded and secured to stop them moving around inside the vehicle and, if carrying dangerous goods, the vehicle must have identifying markings to show what is being transported.

A coordinated local operation took place on the A40 with West Mercia Police, Highways England, DVSA and HM Customs with a total of 23 vehicles being stopped over a 5 hour period. Amongst the offences were the use of illegal window tints, illegal registration plates, expired driving licence, cracked windscreens, lighting defects, unsecure trailer loads and overweight vehicles (including those carrying livestock). One of the most dangerous offences detected was a state of the art agricultural tractor towing over 16 tonne of grass seed. When tested 3 out of 4 of the brakes on the trailer unit were not working

Mel Crowther, Superintendent Force Operations, West Mercia Police says;

"Unsecured loads on a vehicle and other defects on large goods vehicles can have a serious implication on our roads and can potentially lead to a collision. It is vital that all drivers and operators understand their legal responsibilities, particularly when it comes to hazardous loads. West Mercia Police are committed to improving road safety and reducing fatalities and serious injuries on our road network. Taking part in campaigns such as this in order to enforce compliance of road traffic regulations helps us to improve driver/rider behaviour.

For more information on load security, please go to