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Katrina Taylor on patrol

We want to know more about your needs. We also want to know more about our performance, our service and the impact of our activities, policies and procedures.

Successful policing is a community-based activity that requires the commitment and active engagement of our communities, citizens and partners.

A greater understanding of the needs and expectations of our communities, as well as victims and witnesses helps us to improve the services we provide, prevent and detect even more crime.  In particular, community feedback ensures that we know who our most vulnerable communities are and what issues they face; this helps us to target our policing activities towards those who are at most risk of harm.

Alongside our Victim of Crime Survey, we also conduct the Partners and Communities Together (PACT) process through our local policing programme.

View our harmonised Community Engagement & Consultation Strategy for 2014-2015 (You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this document)

Please follow the links below to take you to the Victim of Crime Survey.