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Criminal Justice Intervention Team (CJIT)

These are members of a multi-disciplinary team providing support to individuals with substance misuse problems within the criminal justice system. They will assess the needs of an individual and effectively plan and implement a range of high quality interventions to support and motivate "service users" to reduce harm to individuals, families and communities by reducing health related harm and drug or alcohol related offending.

Custody staff should proactively encourage any detainee, believed to be involved in substance misuse, to see a key worker. Such referrals are most effective when directed to offenders who have committed minor offences where alcohol or drug use was a contributing factor, rather than for alcohol or drug dependent people

A drug testing on arrest regime within each custody suite allows custody staff to offer the support directly to a detainee.

The CJIT workers attend each custody suite on a daily basis to provide the necessary support to individuals who misuse specified Class A drugs (heroine and cocaine) or who are dependant on alcohol. This will involve an initial discussion; followed by a required assessment and follow up assessment.

Drug Interventions Programme (DIP) operational handbook