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PACT priority - Speeding

Local officers will conduct speed enforcement in areas over the patch


Speeding issue identified in Worthen/Brockton, Marton, Chirbury, Clun, Lydbury North & Clunton.

speed gun
speed gun


Speed enforcement by local officers will be conducted in the 30mph zones of Clun, Clunton, Lydbury North and Clungunford. There has been recent contact with Shropshire Highways over improvements to road markings in Clunton.

The Safer Roads Partnership continue to enforce Chirbury, Marton and Worthen with the speed van.




September 2018 - Local officers have conducted speed enforcement in Clun, Clunton and Clungunford over the summer. Issues in Clun where the 30mph signs were covered in foliage. Local councillor made aware so that remedial action can be taken.

October 2018 - Local officers will continue to conduct speed calming and enforcement over the coming months where possible.  With the increase in the hours of darkness, speed monitoring is more difficult at this time of year.

November 2018 - Officers conducting traffic and speed monitoring patrols have seized two cars that were being driven without insurance this month.  Patrol activity to keep our roads safer will continue to be conducted.

December 2018 - There has been recent contact with Shropshire Highways through our traffic management officer over improvements to road markings in Clunton.

January 2019 - Officers from the Safer Neighbourhood Team have been in liaison with response Officers who patrol the area, bringing to their attention any areas where speeding has been raised as a concern.

February 2019 - In addition to highlighting areas where speed is a concern to local residents, Safer Neighbourhood Team Officers have been conducting high visibility patrols throughout the area.

March 2019 - Local officers have been conducting speed enforcement in Lydbury North and Clunton, utilising the speed reader which displays drivers speed for them to see.

April 2019 - Recent liaison with Shropshire Council over more signage for the A490 to warn of the hidden dips and vehicles emerging.

May/June 2019 - Safer Neighbourhood Team Officers continue to conduct speed monitoring activity in areas of concern.