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What happens if a juvenile is cautioned?

A youth caution may be given where the offence is admitted; there is sufficient evidence to prosecute but it is not considered to be in the public interest. It is a formal out-of-court process that can be used as an alternative to prosecution for young offenders (aged 10 to 17).

Following a youth caution, the police have a  duty to refer the young offender to the Youth Offending Team (YOT). For a second or subsequent youth caution, or where a young person has previously received a Youth Conditional Caution, the YOT has responsibility to conduct an assessment and consider putting in place an intervention programme aimed at preventing re-offending.

Youth cautions do not effect a young persons job prospects however there are exceptions, read more here - Will a caution of charge effect my current or future employment?.

Youth Justice Board's Youth Cautions: Guidance for Police and Youth Offending Teams (April 2013)