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Request for police information by insurance companies

Applications to West Mercia Police for information contained in a crime/incident report required for insurance purposes

Data included in crime/incident reports can only be disclosed to an insurance company who are members of the Association of British Insurers (ABI) or their appointed agents. The request should be made in accordance with the criteria detailed within the pdf icon Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Association of Chief Police Officers and the Association of British Insurers [619kb].  

Applications should be submitted in the agreed format of an Appendix D(a) or D(b) consent form, with the appropriate fee.  All cheques should be made payable to West Mercia Police & Crime Commissioner.
Requests that do not fall within the criteria of an Appendix D(a) or D(b) application, but instead relate to a request for information to support enquiries into an insurance claim that appears prima facie fraudulent, then applications should be in accordance with Section 5 of the MOU.  Section 5 requires the insurer to summarise the evidence which gives rise to the suspicion of fraud and the insurer should supply the police with copies of the supporting documentation using an Appendix E form for this purpose.

The above applications together with payment should be addressed to:

West Mercia Police
Civil Disclosure Unit
P O Box 55