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When will information be disclosed?

Disclosure will only happen if the police believe there is a need to protect a child and that it is necessary and proportionate.  Information will only be disclosed to the person best-placed to protect the child and anyone receiving this information must keep it confidential and use it only to protect the child concerned.

The Child Sex Offender Disclosure Scheme is not a UK version of 'Megan's Law', the scheme which operates in the USA and makes all information about sex offenders publicly available.  Anyone who breaches the confidence of the UK scheme may have action taken against them by the police.

Registered sex offenders living in West Mercia will be generally informed about the scheme.  Individual offenders may be told if information relating to them is going to be disclosed and who it will be disclosed to.

If there is no information to disclose, this does not necessarily mean there is no risk to the child.