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What to do if you think someone is missing

If you are worried about someone who you think may be missing, contact the police. There is no time limit on when you can make a report. You don't, for example, have to wait 24 hours.

The easiest ways to report a person missing are by calling the police or going to a police station (You can find a list of all our police stations here).

When we receive a report, the person's details are entered onto a computer system called COMPACT which is specifically designed for recording, managing and investigating missing person enquiries. Details will be circulated to all West Mercia's operational officers as well as other UK police forces and internationally.

Information required will include:

  •  Any known health problems or medical conditions
  • All known associates (family, friends, business colleagues...)
  • Details of places they frequent (where they live, work, socialise, visit...)
  • Details of any recent events that could be linked with their disappearance
  • Financial details (bank account, credit and debit card details...)
  • Telephone numbers (mobile, home, work, pager...)