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Missing People fact sheets

The UK Missing Persons Bureau has produced a series of fact sheets giving information and help to families of missing people.

Their leaflets have been produced in response to requests for practical help from families and relatives of those who have gone missing.

  • What you need to know
  • Information for carers of people living with dementia
  • A Reference Guide
  • Coping with Practical Issues
  • Organisations that Help and Support
  • The Police Investigation
  • Someone is Missing Abroad
  • How Publicity can Help
  • International Parental Child Abduction
  • Lost Contact and Tracing Family
  • Report a Sighting
  • Are you Missing?
  • Guide to Coroner's and Presumption of Death
  • Information for Carers of People Living With Dementia

They also describe what to do when someone goes missing abroad and how publicity can help find a missing person. One fact sheet is aimed at runaways and others reported missing who don't want to have any contact with their families apart from telling them they are safe.

The fact sheets are available to the public on the UK Missing Persons Bureau website.