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Motorcycle security

Motorcycles can be an easy target for thieves if they are not secured as they can be wheeled away or bundled into a van in seconds. Motorcycles are twice as likely to be stolen as cars so it's important to keep them safe by taking steps to protect them and by choosing the right security devices.

There are a number of mechanical and electronic security devices available to help make your bike more secure and a few simple precautions could prevent you becoming a victim of theft:

  • buy an alarm, immobiliser and secondary locks like a disc lock, U-lock, chain or cable lock
  • always use the steering lock
  • park your motorcycle in good light and where it can be seen
  • cover your machine if possible
  • avoid leaving your helmet, gloves or other possessions on the machine whenever possible
  • put security marking on as many parts of your bike as possible
  • the use of approved anti-theft devices such as Sold Secure or Thatcham may help to reduce your insurance premium
  • use parking spaces which are built especially for motorbikes and have stands or security loops for you to secure your machine to wherever possible