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Hate crime strategy 2014 - 16

Our hate crime strategy builds on existing policing practice already in place in both Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police, to reinforce that victims will be fully supported and their complaint will be fully and fairly investigated. The aim of the strategy is to reduce the harm caused by hatred, focusing on the victim and effectively targeting those who cause harm.

The strategy has three key themes:

  1. reduce harm caused by hatred or hostility
  2. increase victim and public confidence
  3. target those who cause harm

In support of the three key themes, seven areas of work have been identified that are intended to collectively reduce harm, increase confidence and target those who cause harm.

  1. raising awareness: what hate crime is and how to report it, understanding how it will be dealt with and promoting an increase in recording
  2. prevention through education: in partnership with schools, community groups and other partners
  3. effective partnership activity: promotion of Hate Incident Partnerships (HIPS), leading to better case identification and management and effective information sharing
  4. victim led response: appropriate support plans that ensure the victim's wishes are taken into account
  5. achieving appropriate justice outcomes: taking the victim's wishes into account and ensuring that hatred is presented as an aggravating factor at court
  6. build trust and confidence: key to this is the development of a communications strategy to publicise successes and the work of Hate Incident Partnerships (HIPS), also being more effective in targeting engagement work
  7. increased reporting: success will see an initial increase in reporting in the short and medium term, leading to a longer term reduction as the true picture is more effectively addressed