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Festivals and events safety

Each summer thousands of us head off to spend our hard-earned cash attending one of the many music festivals and events around the country. Whether it's one of the big national events or a local folk festival, the lure of getting out and enjoying the (hopefully) good weather is one of the great features of the British summer.

The overwhelming majority of festivals-goers have a great time, with the worst things that might happen being confined to getting caught up in a muddy downpour or forgetting exactly which tent pole goes where.

In a small number of cases though, festival-goers may find themselves becoming victims of crime. However there is plenty you can do to help beat the criminals and keep yourself safe.

See our handy guide below for more advice and information on the journey there, how to keep your valuables safe and, most importantly of all, how to keep yourself safe.

  • Get there safely

    Many of us travel to festivals across the country by car and for younger drivers it might be their first long journey at the wheel. With a little care and preparation you can make sure you arrive in one piece and, just as importantly, get home safely too.

  • Keep your belongings safe

    When you get to the festival, take time to think about how you will keep your belongings safe once on site. Tents are, by their very nature, not very secure. If you are spending a lot of time wandering around the festival then your tent will spend a lot of time alone.

  • Keep yourself safe

    The overwhelming majority of all people going to festivals have nothing more to worry about than choosing which band to see next. Unfortunately a small number do find themselves as victims of crime - so take some sensible precautions and make sure this doesn't happen to you!