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Keep your belongings safe

When you get to the festival, take time to think about how you will keep your belongings safe once on site. Tents are, by their very nature, not very secure. If you are spending a lot of time wandering around the festival then your tent will spend a lot of time alone.

So get to know your neighbours on the campsite - why not form a mini 'Neighbourhood Watch' and look out for one another?

Many of the larger festivals will have on-site secure lock-up facilities, so make sure you use them.  Don't leave your valuables in your tent when it is unattended - in fact, limit the number of valuables you bring with you.  Is there really any point in bringing your iPod to a live music festival?  If it's left safe and secure at home, it can't get lost or stolen on the campsite!

By far the most commonly reported crimes at festivals across the UK are stolen mobile phones and other electrical gadgets - though police believe in many cases these have been lost rather than stolen. Reporting your property as stolen when you know it is lost in order to get a crime reference number and claim on your insurance is an offence of fraud, so don't do it!

Although hundreds of phones and other electrical items are either handed to or recovered by the police, the majority are never reunited with their owners because police have no way of knowing who they belong to. But registering your phone or iPod etc on the Immobilise database can vastly increase your chances of seeing it again if you do lose it.

It takes a couple of minutes and it's completely free. You can register anything with a serial number and every item recovered by police, or handed in, is checked against the database.

It's also a good idea to security mark with your postcode anything you bring with you - including your tent. If you use a UV marker or forensic property marking kit police can return it to you if it is stolen and recovered - plus it also gives the criminals some difficult questions to answer if they are caught with them in their possession!