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Keep yourself safe

The overwhelming majority of all people going to festivals have nothing more to worry about than choosing which band to see next. Unfortunately a small number do find themselves as victims of crime - so take some sensible precautions and make sure this doesn't happen to you!

Don't be flash with your cash!

Be sensible when on the festival site and don't be too flash with your cash or cameras, mobile phones and music players - it's like holding up a banner saying 'steal me' to an opportunistic thief.

Only bring the amount of cash with you that you think you will need - walking around with a wallet stuffed with notes is simply inviting trouble for yourself.  Many of the bigger festivals have cash machines on site anyway in case you run a bit low.

Likewise, you should employ the same common sense as you would on the street - it's not a good idea to walk around with expensive phones, cameras or music players on show. Find out more about keeping your possessions safe

Don't drink too much

By all means enjoy all the festival has to offer but remember that alcohol impairs your judgement.  Drinking to excess could lead to you getting into situations that you would otherwise avoid.

Try not to drink too much - aside from the fact that dealing with a hangover in a tent is no fun, you can make yourself more vulnerable to crime.  

Use the same common sense as you would on any other night out and:

  • Don't drink too much
  • Look after your friends
  • Walk away from trouble

Be aware of your surroundings and when walking round the festival stay with friends, especially at night, as there really is safety in numbers.

Here is some valuable information on alcohol addiction

Don't bring drugs

The law is just the same at festivals as it is in any town or city and if you are found with illegal substances you could be arrested and removed from the festival - and maybe spend a night in the cells for your troubles. Think about your actions, enjoy the festival, but stay on the right side of the law. For more information about drugs, why not Talk to Frank