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Staff stories - Direct Entry Inspectors

Inspector Lewis Lincoln-Smith
Inspector Lewis Lincoln-Smith
Inspector Lewis Lincoln-Gordon

I was previously a senior social worker in child protection, leading on complex investigations, practice development and organised criminality.

Predominately the challenge attracted me to apply to West Mercia Police through the DE Programme. I wouldn't say that I have always wanted to be a police officer, but I view a career in policing as an opportunity to impact positively on people's lives. I was impressed with West Mercia's focus on vulnerability and this fits with both my experience and passion.

The programme is intense, challenging and rewarding in equal measure. There are long periods where I have been away from my family with the College of Policing. However, this has been mitigated through developing strong relationships with fellow direct entrants across the country and also officers and friends in force.

Due to pressures on other services, policing is in a place where we are coming under increased pressure and having to manage situations, which five or ten years ago we wouldn't have had to. My knowledge and understanding of those services has come in useful so far during this programme. This programme is about bringing in different ways of thinking into policing and although there are set processes and procedures which need to be followed, I believe that difference is key to hold onto.

I feel very privileged to be an Inspector, a direct entrant and above all, a police officer. Being a police officer is now, possibly more than ever, undoubtedly a real challenge. However, it provides an opportunity to engage with people who have experienced a traumatic event or a series of traumatic events and reduce the likelihood of further occurrences of that trauma. The information provided to me as an Inspector is often confusing and I have to assess and make sense of that information to develop a decision. This is often challenging but always stimulating.