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FOI 6690 Police Support Volunteers (PSV)

Ref No: FOI 6690

Category: Human Resources



I write in connection with your request for information which was received on 22nd October 2015.  Please find below the response to your request:

1.         How many police support volunteers (PSV) were registered with your Force as at 01 October 2015 ?

2.         What was the attrition rate of your PSV for the last recorded 12 month period ?

3.         What was the total number of hours worked by your PSV for the last recorded 12 month period ?

4.         Please list the different roles that your PSV undertake and the departments that they work in ?

5.         Please describe any plans to increase the numbers and/or roles to be undertaken by your PSV in the future ?

6.         What is the estimated cost for recruitment, training, expenses and management of your PSV per head ?


REPLY 1: 104

REPLY 2: 36

REPLY 3: 8860.75 hours


PSV Programme

CCTV Operators


Safer Neighbourhood Teams in administration Support roles

Missing Person enquiries

Front counter duties

Forensic department administration support

Anti social behaviour units administration support

Web site administrators

Neighbourhood watch administration support

Police Cadets administration support

Training School role play actors/actresses

Cyber crime prevention

Safer Road Partnerships administration support

Coroners Officers administration support

Safer Roads partnerships administration support

Speed watch administration support


REPLY 5: No specific recorded information held

Volunteers are only recruited when there is a specific need for them. There are no plans to increase numbers - they are recruited when an opportunity presents itself.

REPLY 6: No specific recorded information held

The recruitment, training and expenses of each volunteer varies significantly according to what role they are undertaking. It also changes depending on differing roles they undertake in additional to their existing or previous role.