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FOI 7484 Redditch Station

Ref No: FOI 7484

Category: Facilities & Estates




I write in connection with your request for information which was received on 4th July 2016. Please find below the response to your request:

I have heard twice in conversation, from completely different sources, that a soil waste pipe in Redditch Police station was allowed to spill a large quantity of faeces into the post room and adjoining canteen as well as to seep onto the lockers of personnel at the station. I have been told that large areas of the station have been closed off for more than 6 weeks and that a number of personnel at the station have been off sick as a result of this spillage. I have also been told that the central heating at the station has not been maintained and is inadequate during winter months. I have been told that this happening as the force is planning to close down facilities in Redditch and so has not maintained the facilities. I would like to request:

1. A confirmation or clarification if appropriate of the above statement with regards to the soil waste pipe, heating and general welfare of our police officers.

2. A confirmation or clarification of what plans are being made to reduce police facilities/close the station in Redditch.

3. I would also like to know how much money has been spent on maintenance at Redditch Police station over the last 5 years in as compared with stations in Worcester, Evesham, Bromsgrove, Droitwich Spa and Kidderminster.



REPLY 1: The issue at Redditch Police station with the soil pipe occurred on 10th February 2016 as a result of calcium build-up and other non-soil waste was found to be in the pipe causing it to narrow, the incidence therefore could not have been reasonably foreseen. Place Partnership have since had the length of pipe that was affected by this build up re-routed and re-fitted to prevent this from happening again. The incidence was contained immediately, and Place Partnership have also instigated a programme of CCTV inspections at other sites with similar age pipework to help ascertain the condition of the pipes and to try to prevent similar occurrences in future.


There is no specific recorded information held in relation to any personnel at the station being off sick as a result of the spillage.


REPLY 2: Redditch Police Station was included in the Estate Rationalisation Program as announced by the incumbent PCC in July 2013.

Further to this announcement its replacement is being considered under a strategic One Town Review of Redditch which is being undertaken by Place Partnership Ltd. As such it still remains in use whilst its future is being determined.


REPLY 3:  Please see attached pdf.

pdf icon FOI 7484 Redditch Station [13kb]