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FOI 10408 Strategy to manage burglary and vehicle crime

Ref No: FOI 10408

Category: Crime Statistics




I write in connection with your request for information which was received on 9th October 2018. Please find below the response to your request:

In relation to the new Cala development at Hagley known as Wychbury Fields and Wychbury Lawns

1. The local police station just off the Roundabout has been sold off and is now a nursery. What is the Policing strategy for my development to tackle overnight burglaries and car crime on the development?

2. What is being done with the photographs provided to West Mercia Police of suspects operating in the early hours of the morning (tends to be after 01.00 hrs)?

3. How many stops and search forms have been submitted for stop checks by Officers on night shifts on the development in the past eighteen months?


REPLY 1: The force has a specific directive for officers working evening and night shift to patrol the northern edges of Worcestershire to protect against travelling criminals from Birmingham and to offer additional protection in villages such as Hagley, Belbroughton, Rubery and Wythall. These patrols will include uniformed and plain clothed officers as well as dog handlers. The force understands the concern around burglary and vehicle crime offences and over recent months the area Superintendent has directed an increase in these patrols to provide reassurance to local residents.


REPLY 2: The force are aware of CCTV footage which links to a number of incidents in Hagley. Officers are continuing to progress enquiries around these.


REPLY 3: Please be advised that information regarding stop and search checks is available on the website. Each stop search conducted by our officers, its time and location are plotted. The website also contains details of offences which have occurred in a specific area and you may also find this information useful.