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FOI 10380 and 10381 CCTV

Ref No: FOI 10380 and 10381

Category: ICT / Information Management


FREEDOM OF INFORMATION REQUEST REFERENCE NOs: West Mercia Police 10380 and Warwickshire Police 10381


I write in connection with your requests for information which were received on 5th October 2018 and your subsequent clarification which was received on 20th November. Please find below the responses to your requests for West Mercia Police and Warwickshire Police information:

The information I require is to do with the organisation's CCTV maintenance and support contract.

Please can you send me the information stated below:

1. Supplier of the contract for CCTV maintenance and support

2. How much the Council spend annually with the supplier?

3. What is the renewal date of this contract?

4. What is the duration of the contract?

5. What is the review date of this contract? If possible the likely outcome of this review

6. The primary brand of the CCTV equipment. I don't require the model just the brand.

7. The description of the services provided under this contract. Please state if this contract includes more than just CCTV services.

8. Contact details of the employee responsible for the contract between the supplier and the organisation. Can you please provide me with their full contact details.

I am looking for information relating to the maintenance of the CCTV systems in place. If the force has a contract or part of a contract that cover CCTV maintenance, could you please send me the information?

If this is the site CCTV then yes please, that is what I am looking for. If the force manages the maintenance of the CCTV in-house, could you please let me know.


REPLY: West Mercia Police 10380 and Warwickshire Police 10381


  1. CCTV systems are supported internally by both Forces ICT Department.

  2. There is no contracted supplier spend.

  3. There is no contract and therefore no renewal date.

  4. There is no contract and therefore no duration.

  5. There is no contract and therefore no review date.

  6. West Mercia do not use a primary brand; there is a mixture of equipment and systems. In Warwickshire, most sites use Concept Pro Equipment; however, maintenance of the systems is not vendor specific.

  7. There is no contract and therefore no details regarding services

  8. There is no contract and therefore no contact details available.