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Firearms and Explosives Licensing Unit

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We service around 47,000 firearm and shotgun certificates, as well as many other certificates such as explosives and registered firearms dealers etc. We strive to make sure that every request that comes into us is met with the highest level of scrutiny and professionalism.

We have taken significant steps to update and modernise our system, moving from paper based to electronic, introducing improved IT and adding to our workforce. However, as with all fundamental changes it is not something that happens overnight and there is much work still to do in order to provide the service which meets your needs.

We fully appreciate that this is neither convenient nor desirable and we understand that delays are frustrating, but we are working hard to improve our service, while dealing with the very high volume of work coming into the team. There has been a great deal of progress in reducing our outstanding workload, with far fewer applications and renewals now experiencing the previous unfortunate waiting times.

Stephen Millington
Our average time for the grant of a certificate is now down to three months, but we are continuing to work hard to ensure that overall waiting periods continue to reduce and although there will always be applications, which for very good reason, take some time to process, we will soon be in a position where our turnaround times are, importantly, more acceptable.

We thank you for your continuing patience and support.

Stephen Millington, 
Firearms & Explosives Licensing Manager