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FLU timescales

We believe that public protection is our number one priority. With this in mind, significant steps have been taken to update and modernise our system, moving from paper based to electronic. Our dedicated staff work as quickly as possible to meet the very high volume of work coming into them, however applications and renewals are unfortunately experiencing a 6-12 month waiting time. We can confidently say that this waiting period will be reduced in the coming months.

We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Steve Millington

Firearms Licensing Manager


We will start processing your information in accordance with the timescales below (from date of receipt):


  • Shotgun Grant Applications - 1 month.
  • Firearm Grant Applications - 2 months.
  • Shotgun Renewal Applications - 2 month.
  • Firearm Renewal Applications - 2 month.


  • Variations - 1 month.
  • Change of address - 1 month.
  • Weapon purchase/sale notifications - 1 month.
  • All other requests - 1 month.

Last updated 31 October 2017.