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We Don't Buy Crime

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ACC Amanda Blakeman
Introduction by Deputy Chief Constable Amanda Blakeman

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Campaign logo
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We Don't Buy Crime launch event in Cleobury Mortimer
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Marking property in Cleobury Mortimer
We are aware that acquisitive crime, including burglary, robbery and theft harms our communities. A person's home and possessions often carry an emotional attachment and when a criminal interferes with this, it can have a long-lasting impact on victims. Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police are committed to protecting people from these crimes.

'We Don't Buy Crime' demonstrates this commitment, by taking an innovative approach to reducing and disrupting the market for stolen goods and protecting your home and possessions by making them less attractive to the would-be criminal.

Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police are committed to our vision of protecting people from harm.

We want to prevent crime from happening in the first place, but when it does happen we want to ensure that we respond to it by providing the victim with a professional and high quality service, seeking to prevent people from falling victim again. 'We Don't Buy Crime' is tailored to achieve this.

We are forming partnerships with local businesses and communities with a common goal of reducing crime. We are working with a local business, SmartWater, to make use of the latest technologies to fight crime. Together, we have created the UK's:

  •  First second-hand goods traders database, where every trader in second-hand goods adopts best practice in the retail of such goods and commits to working with local police to tackle crime.
  • 'We Don't Buy Crime' towns and villages, where every residential property has the opportunity to mark their possessions with SmartWater free of charge.

By working together, we will make our communities a safer place to live in.

If you require any further assistance or information do not hesitate to contact your Safer Neighbourhood Team. If you have information about a crime, phone the police on 101 or anonymously contact the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.